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Thorough algorithm

PatternTrader's algorithm analyses more than 50 aspects when it searches for new trades.

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Real-time market analysis

PatternTrader is updated every second so it's able to deliver the best possible trading opportunities.

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Working with patterns

Our algorithm is specially tweaked for executing the pattern trades that show up in financial markets.

The software works on all major platforms and all screens

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What our users experienced with PatternTrader*

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Joseph Brown, 28y

The first online trading solution that truly works for me. I have started with only $250 and now I have over $4,560 on my account.

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Michael Wilson, 37y

I have tried a lot of trading software but all ended up in big failure. I didn't give up and finally made money with PatternTrader. Thank you!

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Lisa Tremblay, 21y

It's incredible! I was able to turn $250 into thousands of dollars without any experience in trading. How is that even possible?!

Get instant access to the PatternTrader Software and start making $2,200 per day!

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